Last month I was asked by my friends at BUDX (Budweiser) here in the Middle East & the iconic electronic music tv brand, Dance Television (formerly Dancetrippin’ TV) for an exclusive DJ mix at my residency, W Dubai The Palm.

Of the venues there, i chose SoBe as the view while the sun sets into the water is pretty epic and musically, i can go in any direction i want. SoBe is themed on South Beach in Miami (hence the name) and definitely has the similar vibe with graffiti, bits of voodoo artwork and some pretty unique architecture. It also has a 360 view of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

I had seen Dance Television in action about a decade ago while at a gig in London with my buddy DJ Sneak headlining. Since then, i’ve always wanted to have my own video. It was an honor.

It was so hot (about 43c) with heavy humidity and i had an air-con unit next to me, so if it looks like it was windy, it was that. There is also no blocking the direct sun light on me there. Needless to say, with that kind of heat, the air-con unit is basically useless. Still, we do it for the music.

I kept the vibe in an Afro tech kind of direction and as with all of my DJ sets, i played how i felt in the moment.

No idea what i was going to play next and just seeing where the mood took me.

On the Facebook stream it’s nearing the 100,000 views mark, which i think is pretty awesome. Nice to see there are still a lot of people wanting great underground music out there.

Check it out, let me know if you dig the vibe.



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