This month i was contacted by the lovely ladies at Grazia Magazine for a guest DJ mix for their music section. I haven’t recorded a guest mix for anyone else for a while as i had been concentrating on putting out material on our own social media channels for the last couple of years.

I thought about what i wanted to put out and i guess i just wanted to share something that people could not only dig but something they could play at home while sitting in the garden on a lazy weekend with some drinks.

As the current situation globally has us mostly sat at home, i felt i could contribute with a little soundtrack for chilling time. It’s not all about that club life. Sometimes you just gotta lounge back and chill.

As a bonus gift to my peoples out there, i also recorded it as a video as i like people to actually see what work i’m doing with the mix as it happens. No hiding bits here. I show you exactly what’s going on, while i do it.

Click here for the mix: Smokingroove Grazia Magazine Guest DJ Mix


1. Deepconsoul, Mimie & Vuylsile Hlwengu  – Umuntu Wam – Sean Ali & Munk Julious mix  
2. Toshi – Shele – Timmy Regisford mix
3. River Ocean ft. India – Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Oc)
4. Greco Soul ft. Michelle Rivera – Love
5. Agoria ft. Blase – Wish me luck – FNX Omar mix
6. Childish Gambino – This is America – Todd Terry, Louie Vega & Kenny Dope mix
7. Colflo & Evar After – Lovesong – Paul Johnson mix
8. Midnight Society – Marimbadub – Doug Gomez mix
9. Cevin Fisher – The Message mix
10. Soul Clap ft. Nona Hendryx – Shine – Hot Toddy mix
11. Quim Manuel O Espirito Santo – Senhor Doutor – Adam Port edit
12. Cristian Vinci – Son Sol

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