It’s 2020 and since we (like everyone else) have been locked up indoors, we used our time creatively and came up with our own line of merch, DRESSCODE BY SMOKINGROOVE.

We wanted a line of clothes and accessories that we’d actually wear ourselves and something that also stylistically fit you, our tribe.

Everything (and we do mean everything) was designed by us and we have some interesting pieces lined up for you and the rest of 2020 & well into 2021.

All pieces are limited and seasonal, so get them while you can, they’re not sticking around long.

The ‘No.420’ shirt comes in white or black and is a tongue in cheek play on the classic look from Chanel.

Classic, clean and minimal in design, this is one of our faves of the group.

Being from where we’re from, ghetto style is something Smokingroove embodies and we wanted something that captures the essence of what we’re about.

It also gives a nod to our record label, Illuminati Records.

This was actually our first design and something we dedicate to all our family across the world, who fill dancefloors everywhere and are there to dance and listen to good music.

No posing, no flossing, just there for the vibe. Our people.


And this, is irony at it’s finest.

Safe always wanted to make a shirt like this and initially designed this for himself.

Thankfully, he was convinced to share the love and make this available for a limited run. Get after it.

To get yourself one of the above Limited edition pieces:








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