Here’s something i haven’t said on social media or anywhere else; I think i had Covid-19 when i filmed this video. This was also when i was about to be stuck on a roof in Dubai and wasn’t feeling great.

I was in Al-Barsha in Dubai as i went to the hospital for a check up to see if i was getting better. A week earlier, i was in ER coughing violently and had no energy whatsoever. My body hadn’t ever felt this sick. Ever.

At the hospital shortly before being stuck on a roof in dubai
At this hospital before it happened

Over that week, i quarantined myself in my studio room in my house. I have a wife & kid, so didn’t leave that room for almost two weeks. It was really hard on the body too.

When i went for the checkup, i took my Canon G7X camera with me to get some timelapses while i was in town for my YouTube channel.

After i finished at the hospital, i went for a walk and came across a building that my sister-in-law used to live in and remembered that from the roof, i could see Sheikh Zayed Road (the main road in Dubai) quite clearly.

In my mind, a timelapse from there would be awesome and give me something to edit when i got back to my studio room.

I sneaked past the security on the ground floor and made a beeline for the pool on the roof but the fucking door was locked.

The gym on the roof level floor was also locked. I saw some work men milling around but they just thought i was a tenant in the building.

Finally, i found an open door to get to the roof, where all the air con units are stored.

Now i can get some footage!

Little did i know i was about to be stuck on a roof in Dubai.


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