Now played in over 60 countries worldwide every week featuring the freshest releases. Listen to Smokingroove’s The Underground Radio Show Episode #207 here.


Artist Focus: DuBeats & Bondar – Through changes – Glasgow underground

Zoo Brazil – Backhaul – Transpecta
Kevin Deep – I want to travel with you – Innocent music
Franck Roger – What about fun – Real tone records

Burning Up: Kolombo – Super free – Otherwise records

Junior Sanchez & DJ Boris – Move it – Saved
Bohemien – Jack them – Nervous records
Jamie Jones & Harvy Valencia – Kwik-E – Hottrax

From The Vault: Green Velvet & Russoul – Millie Vanillie – Relief (2011)

Yolanda Be Cool & Omar – To be alone – Lee Foss & Audiofly mix – Repopulate Mars
Fabio Neural & DJ Fronter – F&&&&n Sh*t – Mendo mix – Clarisse records
Ben Miller (Aus) – Ready – Defined music

Teenage Mutants & Giorgia Angiuli – What we think – Lunar Plane mix – Tragedie
Squire – Hundred falls – Charles Webster mix – Mobilee records
Nora En Pure – Eclipse – Enormous tunes
Marc Holstege – Boy in the garden – Stil vor talent


Click the link above to listen to the show through your favorite streaming platform.

And lately, many shows have had a problem with streaming radio shows through Spotify. As a result, we’ve taken our radio show off Spotify as they keep pulling the show down. We’re not going to put it back on their until they stop acting like kids and give up some space to reach our audiences who prefer to do their listening there.

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