Now played in over 60 countries worldwide every week featuring the freshest releases. Listen to Smokingroove’s The Underground Radio Show Episode #226 here.


Artist Focus: Gettoblaster & ZXX – Rep yo hood – Brooklyn Fire

KPD & SRCS – Go out – Cube Recordings
Simon Kidzoo & Elliot Fitch – The reason – Toolroom
Crazibiza & Tommyboy – Cali Soul – Pornostar records

Burning Up: Azete – In my head – Saved Records

Ruben Mandolini – On & on – Glasgow Underground
Sol Brothers, Damon C Scott – Turn around – Illyus & Barrientos mix – Flipside records
Emery Warman – Mangonada – Moon Harbour Recordings

From The Vault: Basement Jaxx – Fly life – Atlantic Jaxx (1996)

Nightfunk & Raejmq – On the low – Repopulate Mars
Joshwa & George Mensah – Can’t sleep – Lovejuice records
Daniele Kama & Hassio – Who is Baraba – Flashmob Records

Ray Okpara – Synths revenge – Smiley Fingers
Tomy Whal & Darksidevinyl – Plastic face – Mau House
Stereo MCs & Luke Alessi – Matter – Mobilee Records
Booka Shade & Jan Blomqvist – Blaze – Blaufield Music


Click the link above to listen to the show through your favorite streaming platform.

And lately, many shows have had a problem with streaming radio shows through Spotify. As a result, we’ve taken our radio show off Spotify as they keep pulling the show down. We’re not going to put it back on their until they stop acting like kids and give up some space to reach our audiences who prefer to do their listening there.

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